Proposal to Tidewater Community College for Marketing Services

Proposal Number RFP 17-950015-BP
Samples of Relevant Work

Sample 1: Stanford University

Our engagement with Stanford University was a rewarding one, and we built a great relationship along the way. We were tasked with redesigning their student newsletter as well as build a few creative email campaigns.

The Loop newsletter problem — The student body simply wasn’t engaging with the content and surveys indicated that students did not value most of the content. The content they did value was either hidden or non-existent and they wished the highlights were up front and more visible. We interviewed staff members and students and listened to what they needed. Before designing anything, we wire-framed the content and reviewed with the team at Stanford a few times to get the content structure and information architecture right.

Another challenge that we addressed was the lack of responsive design in their current newsletter. With the increase of students viewing content on their mobile devices, this lack of formatting and readability led to lack of interest in the content.

Understanding the user experience and analyzing their behavior was key to the newsletter redesign. We focused on eliminating outdated layouts, unskilled use of color and typography and turned into attention grabbing, easily understandable content that still educated and informed students. We created a modern and fresh design for today’s student. The former newsletter contained large copy blocks that overwhelmed the user with too much content. We recognized that the purpose of a newsletter is to give the user scannable content to digest quickly and provide a clear call to action to read more.

We gave the newsletter a complete overhaul including a clear table of contents, large headlines, clear calls to action with brief content snippets, while enhancing the brand positioning by designing a solution for their students in today’s mobile world. We also templated the solution so that the Stanford team had flexibility to take content blocks away, or add new ones. And the result was pure joy for us and the Stanford team. Our redesign was drastic, and it resulted in 65% increase in open rates and nearly 80% increase in clicks. (RFP Tasks page 5 B.4)

BEFORE —————————————————————————— AFTER

Sample 2: AbilityList

AbilityList is a non-profit website that helps people with disabilities learn about resources in their hometown. We launched the product from scratch, developed the branding, brand messaging, marketing collateral, trade show materials and design, accessibly compliant website, UI/UX, brochures, braille embossed business cards, fundraising videos, and more. We also built the crowd funding page in Indiegogo and assisted with outreach. We currently maintain the AbilityList social media sites and provide creative direction and leadership on new marketing collateral and brand outreach. (RFP Tasks page 5 B.7, RFP Tasks page 5 B.8)


Sample 3: BK Venues 

Treemarie led a massive re-branding project for NYC real estate company Pearl Realty Management, estimated net worth $6 billion. The company owns numerous real estate ventures throughout NYC and turned to us to revitalize eight separate historic venue spaces. To bolster customer recognition and streamline the project we developed an umbrella brand, BK Venues, to house the eight spaces.

Over the course of 13 months we created the eight brands for the company’s venue portfolio. With proper branding in place we built websites for each venue space, engaging with their small sales team in the process to encourage their ownership of the emerging new BK Venues brand. We developed highly visual content utilizing assets provided to us as well as creating our own photos, videos, copywriting and testimonials. We tested the website experience among focus groups, iterated, built in smart SEO content, and created efficiencies for the sales team by automating many of their daily processes.

For the sales team we developed an operations and communication strategy that optimized their workflow by programming online forms and delivering a clean, crisp user interface on the website for showcasing the portfolio of venue spaces. We tested this main site and tweaked the UI until it was at peak performance.

Treemarie LLC also created marketing and collateral for the eight brands under the BK Venues umbrella. We created nationally recognized logos to be used on posters, flyers, brochures, event signage and “lookbooks”. We also developed branded promotional items, managed website SEO and print services. Additionally, during this project duration, we successfully created an investor deck to help secure millions of dollars in revenue for our client. The websites we built for these brands cumulatively have thousands of visitors monthly. (RFP Task page 5 B.7)

Sample 4: Branding / Creative Strategy Samples

Attached are some additional samples of branding samples for some of our other clients, as well as for our own agency, Treemarie LLC.

Parklee LLC, Mobile app business based in Brooklyn NY

Treemarie LLC, Agency merchandise used for promotion, advertising, and sales