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Should You Try Yoga Balls and Standing Desks?

If you work in an office your probably familiar with the dreaded “numb butt” syndrome that happens after sitting all day. If a numb butt wasn’t bad enough there is also varicose veins, blood clots, and reduced lifespan that can occur from sitting too long. Enter the yoga balls and standing desks. We’ve heard all the hype and decided to try it for ourselves.

Our office is lucky enough to have a Herman Miller but it we still had the desire to be active even at our desks. Enter the yoga balls and standing desks. After twenty minutes on the yoga ball we discovered we actually had no idea of what to do with our legs while on the ball. This could be due to the height ball ratio because the taller teammates did not have this issue. The desire to bounce is also very strong…and fun. After several hours on the ball we still enjoyed bouncing around and we definitely noticed our posture was much better since the ball forces you to sit straight. The standing desk required a proper computer, keyboard placement for maximum comfort and support. Once we mastered this it was just a matter of getting used to standing while working. Taking seating breaks are definitely recommended. Overall we enjoyed these alternatives to chairs and they definitely might be keepers. We also like decreasing our risk of diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers and early death just by making a simple change.

Would you try these chair alternatives in your office or home?



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