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Giving for the Holidays

The holidays are made for giving and receiving. 1 in 5 Americans have a disability but lack adequate resources and services to live comfortably. If each person gave just twenty dollars out of their allocated holiday spending to charity, organizations like Abilitylist would be able to provide services to over 56 million disabled americans.

Most of us have had our lives touched by disability – whether it’s you or someone you know who has one – and any of us could. Yet, statistically, someone with a disability is much more likely to be undereducated, out of work, or in poor health than someone without one.

This year adults in the US are projected to spend an average of $830 per person on holiday gifts. Last year $655.87 billion dollars was spent during the holiday season alone. This season be a do-gooder and help abilitylist close the gap for disabled americans. Donate