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Can’t find parking in NYC? Borrow someone else’s

When you live in a city of over 8 million people finding parking is literally finding a needle in a haystack. Parklee is a new app that’s shaking up the parking industry. Founded by Jack Guttman and built in Brooklyn by Treemarie LLC, Parklee is fast becoming a go to when searching for a spot.

As part of the built in NY series, NYCity Lens featured Parklee as one of the apps changing the car sharing economy.

Finding a place to park in the streets of New York City can be difficult. Just ask, Daniela Bucay, 23, of Brooklyn. “Parking in New York City is horrible, there are too many cars and not enough space,” she explained. “Once it took me an hour to find a place to park.”

According to Theresa Previ, Parklee’s head of development, numbers are growing week over week. “On average we are getting 6 or 7 places listed per week, and we have more transactions than that,” she said.

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Treemarie founder Theresa Previ and Parklee founder Jack Guttman