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5 Days of Holiday Inspiration for Creatives – Day 3

Okay so day 3 this is less holiday inspiration and more holiday office party etiquette. Hopefully it inspires you to behave while partying with the boss.

Our list is short and comprises the 3 D’s of party etiquette. Stick to these and you won’t wake up with regrets.

  1. Dress – Do not, we repeat do not wear the crass holiday sweater your brother got you or the really cute mini dress you wore to the club the week before. Just remember nothing too short,  too tight or vulgar and you should be fine.
  2. Drink – We know you love cranberry vodka and you’re really excited your office splurged on Grand Marnier but do not hop the bar and start knocking back shots. While enjoying a drink is okay, anything past feeling slightly tipsy is big fat no. Drinking excessively will be the cause of next day shame and could even lead to you getting fired.
  3. Dance – Your favorite song is playing but resist the urge to get on the table and start twerking. Do not dry hump your cute coworker on the dance floor and definitely leave the clothes on.